Short Term Loan Interest Rates

By: George Paunov

PaydayNow Offers Short-term Loans : Interest Rates

If you face unexpected financial hardships such as an unexpected medical bill, or an urgent vehicle repair, a short-term loan might be the best option. PaydayNow provides short term installment loans with low interest rates for financial emergencies and debt consolidation. You can have cash deposited into your account within 24 hours. And you can choose your terms. 

PaydayNow allows you to apply online and move up to higher rates. Dedicated to helping you build a better financial future. We provide free credit monitoring and economic well-being tools.

Short-Term Loans are available for hard working Americans

PaydayNow offers short-term installment loans. These cash loans are repayable in equal monthly installments.

These are the top benefits of short-term installment loans over all other types of loans.

Short-term loans can be obtained in amounts from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

  • You can get longer-term loans for smaller amounts.
  • The amount you make each paycheck will limit your ability to get payday loans. The amount of your vehicle’s value is what determines auto title loans.

Short-term loan repayment terms: From a few months up to a few decades

  • Repaying long-term loans takes longer
  • Payday loans should be paid back when you get your next paycheck. You will often have to repay the loan sooner than you can pay the fees.

Short-term loans are approved quickly and easily.

PaydayNow provides short-term loans online.

PaydayNow can provide the money you need as quickly as possible. With rates that can decrease over time.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Online application: After you’ve provided basic information, we’ll let you know if you have been accepted.
  2. Choose your terms: Once you have been approved for the loan amount, tell me how much you want to borrow up until the amount is approved. Our loan amounts vary depending on where you live. They can be as low as $500 or high up to $5,000. Use our Choose Your Terms feature to choose the most convenient payment date for you.
  3. Redeem funds: Applications that are evaluated and accepted are generally paid online the next working day.

PaydayNow Short-term Loans: A Better Way to Borrow

PaydayNow works with customers to help them make better financial decisions and get the cash they need. 

You can apply online and have cash in your account in minutes. We empower you to create a better financial plan.

PaydayNow is here to help you:

  • Build credit. Get instant credit scores. You’ll also receive free credit alerts, financial education, and credit alerts. This will help you improve your money habits as well as your financial future.
  • A brighter future depends on having access to affordable credit. We have pledged to lower rates. More than 150,000 customers have seen their rates drop. You deserve to be recognized for being punctual.


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