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SALT announced the waiting list for the SALT Card, its new credit card product, is now open. Best of all, as the company actively designs the card, it allows potential customers to share their thoughts and comments on everything from material to styling. If you want to weigh and share your ideas with the SALT product team, you can do so. here.

The SALT card is the first crypto credit card that allows you to use your crypto to buy anything – from large purchases like vacations to everyday purchases like coffee and groceries – without selling or spending any of your cryptos.

How the SALT card works

Unlike other cards on the market that encourage you to spend your crypto, we designed the SALT card to be the exact opposite.“said CEO Justin English.”It is designed to help our clients HODL their assets and earn crypto rewards with every purchase so they can build wealth and grow their portfolios just by living their day to day life.. ”

What makes the SALT card so different from traditional credit cards is that it is funded by your crypto, not your credit score. Instead, your crypto is your credit. This means that SALT will not ask for your credit score or do a credit check because your digital assets will secure your line of credit and determine your credit limit.

With its new card product, SALT aims to fundamentally change the way people think about wealth. “Historically, financial success has hinged on this archaic idea of ​​building credit which is completely counterproductive as we are taught to spend money to borrow money and it becomes this endless toxic cycle., “English said.”By taking the idea of ​​the traditional credit card, removing the credit score element and exchanging it for a crypto-secured line of credit, we are enabling people to move from this idea of ​​creating credit to the wealth creation.. ”

Rather than promoting the counterintuitive idea that in order to be financially successful and build credit, you must simultaneously accumulate debt, borrow money and set aside to save, SALT wants to empower its customers by offering products that encourage them. rather to think about how to generate wealth income in the long term. The SALT card is designed to do just that.

Benefits of the SALT card

Although SALT does not yet have a card issuing partner, the company is in talks with various partners and has a strong vision for its card product. Once SALT has a partner on board, the company will be able to finalize the card rewards and any additional benefits. So, what sets the SALT card apart from other crypto cards on the market?

  • Use your card anywhere, to buy anything (without spending or selling any of your cryptos)
  • Fueled by your crypto, not your credit score
  • No credit check required (your crypto IS your credit)
  • Spend money, not crypto
  • Earn crypto rewards with every purchase
  • Secure your line of credit with one of our currently supported types of collateral (BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, PAXG, SALT, TUSD, USDC and PAX)
  • Flexible credit limits and open duration
  • 24/7 customer support

How the SALT card differs from a cryptocurrency-backed loan

Although the SALT card is secured by your crypto assets, it differs from a crypto backed loan in that you can choose to borrow only what you need and only pay interest on an existing balance. . As with a traditional credit card, if you pay off the balance every month, you won’t owe any interest. In addition, by having a physical SALT card, you will be able to use it in the same places and for the same purposes as the other credit cards in your wallet.

Join the waiting list today to receive the latest updates on SALT card development.

Please note that by joining the waiting list, you agree to receive marketing communications from SALT. The waiting list does not guarantee that you will receive a SALT card. The SALT card will be subject to eligibility criteria, including geographic limitations and suitability. Fees and conditions are not final and are subject to change at any time at SALT’s sole discretion.

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