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By: George Paunov

Real Online Payday Loans Lender| PaydayNow

PaydayNow is a lender with no middlemen

You’ve probably done an internet search for a real payday loans online and found it frustrating to find a legitimate lender. If the hassle of sorting through the clutter discourages you from applying for an available payday loan, it’s a good thing. PaydayNow makes it easy to avoid the hassle of searching for a payday lender.

The PaydayNow Sites : Real Payday Loans Online

Online payday loan websites advertise that all applications will be accepted. This is a sign that you are not dealing with a legitimate payday lender. 

Although payday lenders don’t conduct credit checks on all applicants, they will accept 100 percent. Borrowers must prove that they have a stable source of income and are not currently in bankruptcy. 

Payday lenders may also refuse to lend money to military personnel and their families, due in large part to the Military Lending Act of 2007

The site is probably managed by an aggregator rather than a payday lender. Aggregators distribute information about payday loan borrowers to payday lenders and other aggregators. Some aggregators only work with a small number of payday lenders. Others sell the information to anyone and everyone. 

Your email inbox will often be flooded with unsolicited offers for payday loans or invitations to complete payday loan applications you have not started with these lenders. Worse, you may get scammed or attempted theft of your financial information through some of these “offers.”

Your information could still be at risk even if you locate a legitimate payday loan website. Online lenders can be found in other states or outside of the country. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to file complaints against them. 

You should think twice before submitting financial and personal information to anonymous online payday lenders, given recent news reports about data breaches.

The PaydayNow Difference

PaydayNow will not leave you wondering where your data is. Your information is never sold to any third party. Direct lenders have their underwriting department.

We make all the lending decisions. We have an A+ rating as a Better Business Bureau certified business. All concerns will be addressed promptly and with the most excellent care. PaydayNow is a genuine online lender.

Why PaydayNow? : Real Payday Loans

  • Application in 5 Minutes

It takes only a few seconds. Our service is fast, simple, and free from headaches.

  • Quick & Simple Approval

Get your quick loan approval online. Get money in just minutes

  • Deposit to your Account

You will receive funds quickly in your bank account

How it works

  • Apply Now

Fill out our online application. It only takes five minutes, and you don’t need to fax or send any paperwork.

  • Get Approved

You will get a quick loan approval decision. Direct lenders don’t take long to get back to you.

  • Take Control of Your Money

We deposit your money right into your bank account. All installment loans payments are automatically made from the same account.


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