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By: George Paunov

Personal Loans Online Approval | PaydayNow

Personal Loans Details and Benefits : Online Approval

If you have a FICO credit score of 660 or above – or higher if you aren’t a current U.S. Bank customer – a personal loans could be right for you with instant online approval. All loans are subject to credit approval.

  • Quick funds for all your needs

You can use a personal loan for any purchase or product.

This one-time funding can help cover vacations, home renovations, medical bills, or consolidating debts.

  • Fixed rates and set monthly payments

If you’re a U.S. Bank checking customer, you may borrow at least $1,000 up to $50,000. Not a U.S. Bank customer? You may be able to borrow up to $25,000.

If approved, you’ll pay the same amount every month for a term of 12 to 60 months, with a fixed annual percentage rate (APR), ranging from 5.99% to 18.49% APR.1

  • No hidden costs or fees

When you take out a personal loan, you’ll pay no origination fees and no prepayment penalty.

You’re always free to make loan payments in advance, in part, or whole.

  • No collateral required

A personal loan is unsecured, meaning you don’t need to put up your house or car as collateral.

This may be a good option if you lack equity or don’t qualify for a home equity loan or line.

  • No home inspection or appraisals

A personal loan doesn’t require your home as collateral.

You could get a loan for your project within hours.

  • Easy application process

Get quick access to funds with our easy and secure online application process.

Applying for a personal loan only takes a few minutes and is issued based on your creditworthiness.

How to Apply

Our application process is fast and easy.

Step 1

To start your application, you will need:

Social Security number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)

Home address and employment information

Step 2

Once you submit your application, the U.S. Bank will gather your credit information.


How long does it take for a loan to process?

Typically we’ll notify you of your loan approval status in less than a minute.

Step 3

If your loan is approved and you’re a U.S. Bank personal checking or savings customer, you may close your loan online. If you don’t have a U.S. Bank personal checking account or savings account, you’ll need to visit a U.S. Bank branch to close your loan.

Funds are available within one business day of loan closing.


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