Payday Loans Online Companies in Ohio with No Credit Check

Have you had difficulty obtaining a payday loan in Ohio from one of the lenders on our list? It might be because you’re using advance payday loans or have a negative Chex Systems report. The best payday loan lenders are listed here.

BlueTrust Loans

BlueTrust is among the latest lenders offering payday loans in Ohio. They provide short-term personal loans that range from $100 to $3000. 

To get a payday loan, it is necessary to have an account with a bank account and an acceptable source of each day’s income($800plus) for the payday loan to be taken into the loan’s approval. If your application is approved, the cash advance is transferred to your account as quickly as possible the following morning of your work.


CashUSA offers payday loans in Ohio with a limit of up to $1000 subject to conditions to be qualified. They ask that you earn a minimum of $1000 monthly and have an active and open checking account. 

CASH USA will accept a simple application for a cash advance. They also can provide funds within a day if they can get it done.


Opploans offer an online lender that offers installment loans in Ohio and nearby states. When applying for a payday loan in Ohio, the amount you get can be between $4,500 and $400, and payments will usually be spread over 5 to 24 months. 

The application process for a payday loan in Ohio does not impact your credit score. On their website, they boast of having over 100k happy customers.


LoanCenter is a direct-loan company that offers online loans to residents of Ohio that range from $1000 to $3500. The criteria for approval of loans are more complicated than the requirements of many online lenders online since they require proof that you earn at least $25,000 per month and at least a 600-point credit score.

24-hour Credit Card

The website offers payday loans and personal loans to people living in Ohio. They also provide long-term installment loans with low fixed rates and no hidden fees. They offer a simple application procedure where you can review all possible interest rates for payday loans.


MaxLend provides installment loans that come with cash in the bank the next day. The payday loan online they offer to Ohioans vary from $1,250 up to $2,500. 

It is possible to make additional payments to pay off the payday loan in Ohio quicker as there’s no fee for making an early repayment. Credit can be built over time since timely repayments to loans are reported every month to credit bureaus.

Cash Request

Cash Request is an easy online approval procedure for immediate online payday loans. They offer payday advances to Ohio between $1,300 and $250 for those who meet the criteria, and they will try to pay you to cash in within 12 to 24 hours. 

They claim they don’t evaluate credit scores, and most applicants with lower credit scores can be approved for payday and online installment loans.

Highway Lending

Contrary to the cash payday loans and advance firms listed, this one allows you to obtain loans using collateral such as your car. If you are applying for an auto loan, you’ll get more cash advance than a traditional payday loan in Ohio and drive your vehicle for the duration of the loan.


This company has offered online payday loans in Ohio for more than 13 years. They give quick approval and provide instant cash advances to Ohio residents, up to $1200. 

When you’ve got a high credit score, they don’t require the bank to issue an account statement for loans smaller than $400. 

You’ll need evidence that there is an account with the bank (no account at a version that accepts credit cards or savings cards) and that you earn a minimum of 1400 dollars per month.

Additionally, besides the online payday loan option, ALC has a handful of retail stores across the state. ALC offers a fast and straightforward application process that allows you to receive the cash advance within the next day to take out cash advances online

ALC provides $500 to $5,000 to Ohio residents with a 14-day payment period. Go to their loan Terms and Conditions page for more details regarding charges and rates.

Ace Cash Express

The lender with more than 40 branches across the state. Ace offers payday loans and installment loans that are up to $2,000 in addition to payday loans online accessible from $200 to $1,200. 

Ace will fund loans within the same day for those who meet the eligibility criteria. The borrower has the option of refinancing payday loans up to four times. Ace is a company that assures satisfaction on the entire range of its products.

Cash Central

Cash Central is another nationwide direct lender for payday loans. Recently, they announced the launch of an Ohio Payday loan. The loan’s terms vary from seven to fifty days.

Additionally, they’ll provide online payday loans ranging from $200-$800. Cash Central also has a same-day cash-back option for loans for paydays in Ohio. 

The cash advance will be transferred to your bank account linked to your Visa card within 10 minutes or less. The company gives more details about their payday loans in Ohio on their website.

The Lion Payday Loan

LionLoans is a lender throughout the United States, brand-new on our list of reputable lenders. Lion offers Ohio Payday loans online ranging from $300-$2,200. 

You can pick the loan terms of the online cash advance and the schedule for payments. You may choose to pay in installments over two to 24 months. In addition, there are penalties for late payments. 

Every person who sends a loan request must have an account at the bank, or paying on payday loans could differ from the FICO scores and underwriting results. You don’t need to have a good credit history. They cannot accept saving accounts or those connected to a debit card that is linked with the help of a prepaid credit card.


LoanbyPhone is an internet-based lender which has recently started financing Ohio payday loans via the internet. They provide online payday loans starting at $275, and they can be as high as $1500. 

The applicants can apply for the loans in Ohio online within five minutes or less. There is no need to provide documents for payday loans accessible on the internet.


Upstart provides Ohio residents the opportunity to avail themselves of payday loans. The rates and terms may be reduced throughout the time. You can also select the loan amount you’ll be paying each month. 

You must provide a FICO score of at or below 640 to begin your application for a loan online through Upstart. Ohio residents can get personal loans of $800-$10,000.

Check and then go

Check ‘n’ Go operates 33 retail stores across Ohio in addition to the most recent version of the Ohio payday loans lenders. They offer payday loans online in Ohio that be as low as $1500 up to $2,500 and a repayment period of 40 days.

Check ‘n’ Go offers installment loans ranging from $7000 and have an eight-month duration for repayment. They’ll extend your loan for two days before your due date. You can also apply for an online payday loan.

It is also possible to make your payment punctually and in full before the due date, at no cost. Review your loan agreement on the internet to find changes regarding rates, interest rates, and financing conditions. Credit history is not a requirement.

National Online Lending

National is a credit-related company offering short-term loans without a credit check. They provide a quick review of the applications without sending faxes. 

The applicant will get immediate cash if they are accepted. National claims to have the best approval rates on the planet. If you’re employed and use Direct deposit, you might be eligible for a loan online through National Online. 

National Online provides payday loans that range from $1500 to $800. The majority of loans originate from a third-party payday lender.

Prosper Personal Loans

Prosper’s existence is for a couple of months. However, throughout this time, they’ve served more than 250,000 clients. In contrast to other direct lenders who provide short loan term cash listed in this article, Prosper offers fixed-rate high-dollar Ohio installment loans. 

They require the bank to have an average credit score of 640 or higher. The law of deferred deposit licenses them. Apply for the loan early to get approval.


MoneyKey offers payday loans in Ohio that range between $1500 and $2,500 for borrowers who meet the criteria and their clients.  You can also get a title loan.

The cost of financing the loan is low, and you’ll be able to be approved even if you have a bad credit score. The funds are transferred to an account with an institution of banking within one business day after the loan application is accepted.

Instant Cash Payday Cash Loans

The Ohio Department of Financial Institutions licenses the company to operate as a Credit Service Organization(CSO) in Ohio. They provide payday loans online, ranging from $500 to $1500. 

Speedy offers a variety of cash-cashing and lending options throughout the United States. However, they do not have any in Ohio, known as the Buckeye State. You can conduct your transactions online, getting an underwriting determination within 10 minutes.


CashNet is one of the most reputable businesses that offer cash advances online to payday customers in Ohio. They’ve been offering title loans, installment loans, and payday loans for more than ten years. They also provide the option of financing on the same day. 

They can offer up to $1400 for Ohio residents, with a payback period of Between 8 to 36 days. Coupon codes must be used “NEW CASH” during registration.

The law of deferred deposit licenses them online to get discounts of 15% on registration fees until October.

Figure Lending

Fig is an online lender which launched its Ohio online lending service in the first quarter of the year. They claim that their loans provide the possibility of a different option than Ohio payday loans. 

They offer loans that range between $200 and $240. You can build your credit score each time you pay. You can pay off within 2 to 4 months without penalty for late payments or increased interest.

Rise Credit

Rise provides installment loans in Ohio starting at a few hundred dollars upwards of $4,000. In 2022 their online loans will be insured with FinWise Bank, and they may conduct a credit check to determine interest. 

They offer repayment plans that are more lengthy than the payday lending industry, and you can pay for as long as 15 years in the standard.

Advance America

Advance has more than 50 locations for payday loans in Ohio. It’s been operating for over two decades. Many offices accept walk-ins. These include Cleveland, Akron, Cincinnati and Canton, and Canton. 

You can also make an application on the internet for a loan. The loan amount is below $1000, and you can repay the loan amount plus interest within twelve months.

Visit Our Website to Find an Approved Ohio Cash Advance Lender

Many banks can identify people with a due loan on the credit report, such as a payday or mortgage. This could cause problems as well.

It’s hard to get cash-based payday loans within Ohio, even if you’ve got bad credit or delinquent payday advances in the past. In this situation, it’s worthwhile to look into this site:

Payday Loans Ohio Loan Network. They have greater than 50 bad credit personal loan lenders and can typically be eligible for cash advances regardless of your credit score on your credit score and Chex system information.

Ohio residents can qualify for loans up to $2500. They might help with selecting a payday loan, an installment loan, or any other financial demands that are not permanent.


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