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Payday‌ ‌Loans‌ ‌in‌ ‌Nevada  ‌|Paydaynow‌

PaydayNow is licensed by the Nevada Financial Institutions Division for Payday Loans.


How the online Payday Loans Process Functions : Nevada

  • Application

Submit your application online with our secure application procedure.

  • Upload

Upload the documents you need in a matter of seconds to finish your application.

  • Approval

After your documents for loan verification are accepted, the approval process takes only a few several minutes.

  • Your Money

You can choose instant funding for your bank account, or prepaid credit card, ACH deposit or take cash at a branch.

What is the maximum amount you can borrow?

Payday Loans in Nevada are available for up to $5,000

You can borrow anything as long as you meet the loan limit. The loan limit is determined by:

  • Your earnings
  • The information you supply on the loan application
  • Your credit history is with PaydayNow
  • A consumer report agency provides the information you find in your consumer report

The amount you can borrow could change when any of the above occurs.

Cost of a loan

Loans up to $5,000

A payday loans in Nevada will cost $16.50 to borrow $100. In the example above, A consumer report agency provides the information you find in your consumer report 100 dollars due within 14 days will have an overall repayment of $116.50 and the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of 430.18 percent. *

What are the requirements to apply?

  • Identification and Social Security # (or the number of registration for aliens, or ITIN)
  • Physical address and contact telephone number
  • Documents to confirm the origin as well as the amount earnings
  • Open checking account details

The Benefits of Choosing PaydayNow : Payday Loans in Nevada

  • Secure

PaydayNow is an online lender that does not sell your personal information.

  • Licensed

The license we have is from Nevada Financial Institutions Division. Nevada Financial Institutions Division.

  • Fast

Our team will let you know in a matter of minutes how much you are eligible to borrow.

  • Service

Our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations. Visit any branch today to learn more with one of our friendly and knowledgeable Tellers!

Nevada FAQs

Are you sure that PaydayNow is licensed?

PaydayNow, is licensed by the Nevada Financial Institutions Division for Payday Loans. The license information is available at the request of. Federal government authorities recognize PaydayNow as a Money Services Business (MSB).

What is the due date to be determined?

Your loan is due by the date stipulated within the agreement for the loan.

When your payday falls in less than seven days (9 days if you pay each week or monthly), you can pay back on the next payday. The maximum term for loans under Nevada statute is 35 days.

What if I could pay my credit card before the due date?

You can prepay your loan completely before the due date without penalty for early payment.

Can I extend my loan on payday?

For a payday or a signature loan, in some instances, you can extend your loan with an extra fee to extend the loan’s due date until the next payday.

Loans for payday can renew at any point before your check for the loan is delivered to the bank or your electronic transaction is made. 

If you signed a contract that requires cash-only payments, you could prolong the term for your loan by paying an additional fee anytime before the closing to business the due date. 

You can extend your loan for a maximum of four (4) times and not more than 60 days following the loan’s initial deadline or 90 days following the date of the loan’s initial origination or 90 days, whichever is shorter. The loan has to be fully paid when the fourth renewal is due or if the applicable period has ended.

How can I pay back my loans on payday?

The payment options are contingent upon the loan contract.

  • Make a post-dated, post-dated check at the loan’s origination point for repayment. The check you write will be transformed into an electronic check to be delivered to the bank. If you’d like, you want to deposit your bill in person placed in a bank rather than presented electronically.
  • Make sure you pay the credit in its entirety, either in cash or by using your debit card before the deposit time of the due day at any PaydayNow branch.
  • Make sure you pay your loan back completely online with the debit card you have on your account.
  • Make sure you pay the loan in full by phone using a credit card.


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