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By: George Paunov

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Payday loans are legal in Nebraska.

Nebraska has a maximum of $500 for payday loans which are offered in the state. The loan’s duration may be as long as 34 days. The rate of interest for financing shouldn’t exceed $1,38 per $100. APR of 36 percent. Rollovers are not allowed. Lawful actions against lending institutions aren’t allowed.

The history of payday loans in Nebraska began in 1994. However, not the same as the Delayed Deposit Services Licensing Act in effect in 1994. However, it wasn’t identical. 

It was subject to numerous changes, the most recent one was the L.B. 194 (2018) and the most recent change ( Initiative Measure 428) was launched in November of the year 2020. (ARP, which was limited to 36 percent).).

Nebraska Payday Lending Statutes

The laws that govern payday loans are contained in the Nebraska Stat. Ann. SS 45-901 and Ann. SS 45-901 as well as the Delayed Deposit Services Licensing Act. These loans are now officially called ” delayed deposit services.”

It is a requirement that payday loan firms (delayed services of deposits) that wish to conduct business in the state must physically be located in the state. All lenders who operate through online platforms are considered illegal.

It is also required through Nebraska law that lenders can get a license to offer their services. In addition, to enter the lending sector, the bond has to be $50,000 needed, and a further $25,000 is required for each location that the lender is required to open. Nebraska permits for payday lending are $500, and each branch is $125. All lenders must renew their licenses each year.

An agreement in writing is necessary for each payday loan and must contain all the specifics about the terms and fees. In Nebraska, however, the lenders aren’t legally required to make their Truth in Lending Act disclosure.

The amount of a loan in Nebraska

  • The highest amount you can receive from payday loans in Nebraska, which is the amount of $500 from one lender.

Fees, Rates, and Other Charges in Nebraska

“(1) A valid licensee cannot apply any annual percentage rate greater than 36 percent, irrespective of the duration of the bank’s operation” ( 45-918)

The actual Nebraska Payday loans in Nebraska could be as high as A whopping 460 percent 37 percent (*According to the Center for Responsible Lending 2019: “Typical APR based on the average rate of a $300 loan offered by the biggest payday lenders as determined by a state regulator, if applicable.” ).

The most extended term used for Payday loan in Nebraska

  • According to Nebraska law, payday loans in the state are accessible for Nebraska for 30 days.
  • The loans cannot be renewed or be refinanced in any way or consolidate. When the due date is over, the loan must be paid in the entire amount.
  • “1) A person that deposits can end a delayed deposit transaction before five p.m. at the next business day following the delay in the account transaction. ” ( 45-918.03)


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