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When a Merchant Cash Advance Makes Sense

No matter how big, small, or prosperous a business may be, there always comes a time when the business is in need of cash. The need doesn’t always arise in the startup phase it could occur years later during a renovation project. When or how it happens is irrelevant, it is the course of action chosen by the business owner to deal with the issues that matter most and in reality make or break the business. Merchant cash advances have been growing in popularity over the years as a short-term solution to business financing because they promise to provide easy access to funding for businesses in need. The decision for … Continue reading “When a Merchant Cash Advance Makes Sense”

Getting A Merchant Cash Advance Is Easy, But What About Repayment?

What About Repayment of merchant cash advance loans? A merchant cash advance is an advance of funds on a business’s projected future credit and debit card sales that is either repaid by a fixed debit or by a percentage that is taken off the business’s daily or weekly sales. The popularity of merchant cash advances has soared in recent years due to the ever continuing tightening of lending criteria of traditional lenders. Although, there are times that a merchant cash advance is necessary, it’s important for a business owner to know when this is the case and when it isn’t. Regardless of the repayment method this type of business funding … Continue reading “Getting A Merchant Cash Advance Is Easy, But What About Repayment?”

Merchant Cash Advances vs. Business Loans

A merchant cash advance is a unique type of financing in which companies can borrow money from a lender and repay it by deducting a set percentage from their credit and debit card sales until the agreed-upon amount is completely repaid. Unlike merchant cash advances, that pretty much work the same way, despite the lender, business loans are structured differently. In fact, there are seven different types of business loans: 1. Term Loans – are loans in which businesses borrow a specific amount of money and repay it over an agreed upon period of time. Repayment terms usually vary depending on the lender, the purpose of the loan, and the … Continue reading “Merchant Cash Advances vs. Business Loans”

Merchant Cash Advance Case Studies

Arturo Calderon was in the process of having a new Yucatan Taco Stand restaurant built in Woodlands, Texas with $500,000 in funding from partners and $700,000 in funding from investments. The construction ran $80,000 over budget forcing Mr. Calderon to dip into the funds that had been set aside for his September 2011 opening. Although business had been good from day one, being forced to operate without the $80,000 that had been anticipated for opening costs was difficult. One month after opening Mr. Calderon applied for a cash advance from a lender that routinely worked with businesses that had a high volume of credit and debit card transactions for a … Continue reading “Merchant Cash Advance Case Studies”

Online Payday Loans, The Process

The process of getting online payday loans Payday loans can be availed by anyone looking to overcome a financial challenge or an emergency situation. They are found easily as they are advertised extensively on the web. But do keep in mind that payday loans are not the right option for a long-lasting problem situation. They are great for short-term funding needs. Such loans are good for addressing a particular situation. There are many payday loan lenders that can help borrowers with even bad credit get through a tough situation. Even though the process of getting a payday loan might seem a little complicated to the borrower, the process is definitely … Continue reading “Online Payday Loans, The Process”

Benefits Of Payday Loans Online

Discover how convenient payday loans really are Payday Loans – Cash in a few hours, (average 24 hours) People tend to find out that they need a cash advance in the most unexpected of situations. The reason for such a surprise might be an emergency medical situation or any other unforeseen situation like vehicle breakdown. Whatever the unexpected “surprise”, if you have bad credit, then you will most probably face difficulties in raising money. Your emergency situation will be compounded by the reluctance of traditional financial institutions like banks to lend you money. They tend to require borrowers to have good credit. Fortunately, payday loans are a solution to those … Continue reading “Benefits Of Payday Loans Online”

The Risks of Payday Loans, What You Need Know For Payday Loans

The Risks of Payday Loans? Payday loans certainly offer their share of advantages. They are easy to get, convenient, and help you get the money you need when you need it. Regardless of what financial emergency you may find yourself dealing with, if you need money fast and are unable to get it elsewhere, you can rely on a payday loan center to get the money you need now. However, not all is good with the payday loans. There are some important negative aspects to recognize before going through with a cash advance loan, to ensure you are aware of the full story and make the right decision before going … Continue reading “The Risks of Payday Loans, What You Need Know For Payday Loans”

Advantages of Payday Loans

Payday loans often receives a lot of negative publicity about all the things that are wrong with such types of loans and what all problems they tend to create for borrowers. But if you look closely, then there are some useful advantages that payday loans can offer. When Do You Need Payday Loan? Whether you have a well paying job or a low paying one, you can look towards payday loans if you ever get into a financial emergency or if your credit score drops. One of the most unique aspects about online payday loans is the ease and quick time in which it can be obtained. Payday loans can … Continue reading “Advantages of Payday Loans”