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By: George Paunov

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Present State Cash Advance Laws for Alaska

In Alaska, the maximum payday loans amount is $500. Before you can borrow that amount, it is vital to look for the minimum amount you’ll require for the loan. Be aware that the lower the amount you have to borrow, the more cash you’ll have to repay.

 The term of a loan in Alaska exceeds 14 days. However, you can extend the loan to a maximum of two times. This means that you can get two rolls. The maximum rate of finance and fees are $5, or $15 per $100 of borrowed funds or 15 percent, whichever is the lower.

In Alaska, it is possible to apply for cash advances in multiple installments. We suggest that you only take one at a given time, but. If you fail to pay the loan, the lender can be able to charge you the thirty-dollar NSF charge plus up to $700 for court fees (on top of the amount of the payment). 

Be aware that these are the maximum fees for collection the lender can charge you. It is important to go through the terms of your contract to find out the prices for your particular lender and the loan you have received.

The lenders in Alaska are not permitted to seek criminal charges against you unless you shut down the account linked to your check.


If you’re confused by the differences in payday loans and cash advance funding, let us help you clear the confusion for you – both are within the one. So, the rules which apply to one are the same for the other.

  • What Payday Loans Do – These lenders can provide fast cash when you require it, and they will then pay the cashback on the date you agree to (usually when you’re expecting to receive your payment).
  • Maximum Amount: Borrowers can request up to $500.
  • Repayment Extensions: You can extend your loan up to 2 times per year at the lender’s discretion.

Alaska State Economy 

Do not be caught off guard by the changes to Alaska’s state economy. It is not a good idea to borrow money now only to discover that the economy will not be as good soon. The rate of unemployment in Alaska is 6.8-percent. 

Although that’s higher than states nearby, including Washington (5.4-percent) and Oregon (5.3-percent), it’s still not much more than the state’s record low of 6.3-percent at the time of February 2015. The highest state record was 11.2-percent in August 1986.

Before taking a cash advance in Alaska, be sure that you’re aware of your state’s current regulations. Please contact us via email if you have any additional questions regarding cash advances in Alaska or another state.

A request for Title Loans in Alaska

Title loans are a viable option to consider if you don’t qualify for payday loans in Alaska. They require collateral, such as a vehicle, to serve as collateral. People can seek out title loans from Alaska to pay for an urgent loan they might have.

When you apply for a Title Loan, Your credit score does not have to be impressive, and loans are approved for as little as $1,000. The most popular kind of title loan is an auto title loan.

The borrower uses their vehicle as collateral to get a loan. Some lenders might provide car title loans when the borrower can have an equity stake in the vehicle. These loans are typically between 15 and 30 days and can be accompanied by an annual rate of ( APR) greater than 100 percent greater than other types of credit.

Title Loan Requirements for Title Loans in Alaskaz

The title loan companies in Alaska require basic details from the borrower to allow them to get loans. This could include identification proof as well as proof of residency and evidence of income. The lender can also ask for the release of a clear and accessible vehicle title registered under the borrower’s name. 

There must be no vehicle payments due at the time of the loan, and the borrower must be the owner of the car. Some lenders might lend according to the equity that the customer has in the vehicle. However, most banks will insist that the customer has at least half of the equity in their car.

Title loans can be attractive for those who have bad credit; however, the interest rates on these loans could be extremely high, reaching triple-digits. You must be aware of any additional expenses that come with the loan.

If you’re unable to pay back the loan, your lender is entitled to seize your car and then sell it to pay the amount due. In the event of default, you may lose your means of transport and the value of your vehicle. Be aware of these aspects before deciding to get an auto title loan in Alaska.


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