Instant loans for bad credit

At PaydayNow, we perfectly understand that people with bad credit need help when there is no other option available. If it is an emergency, you may need the money as soon as possible. This is why we have kept our loan applications fast and simple. It is actually possible to apply and get approved for our instant loans bad credit in a matter of minutes!

After you fill and submit your loan request form, we will review the details and give an immediate application decision. If approved, we will directly transfer the funds to your bank account on the same business day. 

It is possible to borrow with bad credit?

Applying for instant loans bad credit is simple. Completing the application, getting approval as well the funds is done online. Our requirements are also simple and as a result, most people can qualify for our loans. Our main requirements include;

  • You should be at least 18 years of age
  • You should have a government-issued ID card
  • You should have an active checking account
  • You should have a legal and reliable source of income

When you fill an online application form, the information to provide includes your full names as written on your ID card, employment history, residential address, contact number and your bank account details. You may also have to give additional information depending on the lender. 

Employment details will be used to determine whether you are eligible for the loan. Account details are needed for the funds to be wired to the bank account. Processing the loan is a fast and transparent process. 

Qualified borrowers can get approved for a payday loan ranging from $100 to $3000 or even more. Compared to banks and credit unions, there are less formalities when applying for instant loans with bad credit. And unlike banks where you can wait for weeks to have the money approved, we will ensure that you get the money in one or two business days. 

Payday loan for bad credit

Apply from reputable direct payday loan lenders

When applying for instant loans bad credit, working with a legitimate lender is crucial. This will ensure that you get affordable and transparent rates. 

If you are not careful when choosing a lender, you may have to pay some hidden charges. But this can be avoided when you find a reputable lender. There are also reputable lenders who charge affordable rates just to attract more clients. Take your time to find one of these lenders. 

PaydayNow will help you through every step, from getting the right lender, approving the loan and also ensuring that you get the money quickly. With so many payday loan lenders available, you may not tell who the right guys in the industry are. But we will relieve you of the struggle by connecting you to one of the most reputable and reliable lenders in the region. 

There are many loan options available that people with bad credit can also apply. However, ensure that you do background research and choose wisely. Also, consider the benefits and drawbacks associated with each loan option. As much as it is easy to qualify for instant loans for bad credit, it is important to note that no lender can guarantee 100% approval for the loans. 

Remember that some people are only in the industry to take advantage of your bad credit situation. So if you come across lenders who guarantee 100% approval for bad credit, you should take a second through before working with them. 

Even with all the benefits, instant bad credit loans also attract high interest rates. The interest can especially increase if you do not pay up on time. The amount that you will be charged as late payment fees will depend on the lender. Ensure that you discuss the matter before applying for the loan. If you agree on a specific amount as interest, this should not change without your consent. Any lender who increases the interest without your knowledge is unethical and as a borrower, you are advised to avoid such lenders. 

Do not pay more for instant online payday loans

When applying for instant loans never underestimate the interest rate. Usually, the interest rate charged by direct lenders for bad credit loans is higher compared to bank loans. To be precise, instant loans bad credit can have an APR of up to 400%. But since there are many lenders who offer this loans, it is still possible to find a lender who charges low interest. This, however, requires thorough research. 

Most online loan lenders do not perform a hard credit check. By finding a reputable lender, you can get a lower interest and convenient terms and conditions. Finding a reputable lender may not be a walk in the park, but the search is worth it if you want an affordable loan online. 

Moreover, instant bad credit loans  do not have a lot of verification and formalities. For sure, personal and income verification cannot be avoided no matter how urgent you need the money. However, the information is easy to provide and you can get the money you need on time. 

Another important thing to take note of is that your interest will increase if the loan term is extended. Lenders have different terms and conditions concerning this. Paying extra interest happens at times, like when you make late payments. But the extra amount you will pay matters a lot. This is also a factor that you shouldn’t ignore. Charging extremely high rates is a tool used by unethical lenders to milk money from unsuspecting borrowers. 

Payday loans Over the Phone

Paydayloans Over the Phone

Paydayloans Over the Phone For those who do not have access to the internet or prefer to deal with an individual when applying for the personal loan, there is a toll-free number that you can call to reach PaydayNow directly, (800) 787-1393

This number will put you in touch with a live PaydayNow representative who can take down all of the necessary information in a safe and secure manner. We understand that some people do not have access to the internet or feel more secure dealing with an actual person on the phone.

Rest assured, that the internet method is completely safe and reliable. The telephone service is made available as an alternative so that the needs of all of our customers can be met.

What types of Instant Bad Credit Loans Does PaydayNow Offer?

  • Installment loans

    Installment loan is a term that emphasizes on a specific in the way the loan is repaid. In every other aspect, an installment loan is the same as a payday loan. The only difference is that instead of a single lump sum re-payment, a bad credit installment loan is repaid through regular payments known as installments.

  • Personal loans

    Personal loans are loans that are granted to cover expenses connected to your personal life such as medical bills or family vacation. You might also take a personal loan for paying yours or your children’s education. Those loans can be either secured or unsecured. You are also able to secure them with a guarantor.

  • Title Loans

    Title loans are bad credit type loans where you can use your car or any other vehicle as collateral on your loan. The benefit is that you can keep driving your car whilst paying down debt.

    Payday Loan Consolidation

  • If you get too deep in trouble you may require payday loan consolidation to merge your debts.